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We will accept Bauer or CCM gloves at this time.


$60 per pair (for most gloves) plus shipping

Pairs only!


We use only quality Nash palms

(Pro size only)

Most glove repalming will be $60.00 per pair of gloves. (one right, one left)
Gloves that are in poor condition will incur additional costs. If you are shipping your glove, please examine your gloves for the following:


A - Deteriorated gussets 
B - Missing padding
C - Padding protruding through glove material
D - Destroyed edge from the forefinger through the thumb (red area)
E - Destroyed edge from thumb to cuff (red area)
F - Destroyed edge from pinkie to the cuff (red area)
G - Non-standard palm configuration

Gloves that are mailed with damages will be sent back if they have not been approved by me.

Some gloves do present a challenge due to manufacturer/style and or damage. 

We need to evaluate the gloves prior to work to provide a plan and estimate.
Please email or call before shipping.

Full Gusset Replacement is $40 per pair, 

(Gussets are the material between the fingers)

Gussets       PalmDetails 

Goalies, see our Blocker Palm replacement